Edisto Beach, South Carolina

I spent a relaxing couple of days in Edisto Beach, SC. It’s a lovely little beach village. I had always known about them, from reading or watching shows, but I had never been in one until now. It looks like a fun place to vacation. I dird a little research and discovered most of the house are duplexes and are rentals. Each one has a name, some are cute: Eye Sea,  3 Gulls and a Buoy, Just Beachy, Seas the Day. And some were more traditional: Carolina Paradise, Beach Dream, Family Tradition, Southern Comfort

I stayed in the State Park that borders the town. It’s got two sections, one on the beach

and one back in the woods. I stayed in the woods cause it’s cheaper. I like the sites that have electric and water hookups. I can charge my laptop and DVD player, saving my inverter some power. I could have spent even less if I chose one of the walk in tent sites, but…I’m to old to carry all my gear more than 20 feet. LOL.

The trails are wonderful, solid ground pathways that are accessible to wheels (bikes and wheelchairs). They’re full of shells cause they use sand from the beaches which are full of them. Made it interesting to watch the ground as well as view the plant life.


There was a nature site that is a hill of shells, mostly oyster, that was once nearly twenty feet high. Supposedly it was used as a trash heap for hundreds of years. It has since been reduced to about six feet.

The education center focuses on sea turtles as they are prevalent in this area. In the mating season, people living on the beach are encouraged to turn off their lights after 10 pm cause that is when the females lay their eggs in the sand.

This park is on the ACE Basin, which is a bay with three rivers emptying into it. The Edisto River winds through the area.


You can see where it has changed course and left a huge marsh.

The campground was great. My site was right across the road from the bathhouse. Showers and flush toilets – hurrah! Even though boondocking is preferable (cause it’s free!) when I want a shower, a campground is a good choice.


Great Lakes Memories

Today I made it over to Lake Michigan. I used to go there when I was young. We would swim at Warren Dunes and climb the sand hills. Occasionally ride a dune buggy.

Visited Little Sable Point at Silver Lake State Park. Went out to the light house.

It was great to feel the sand under my feet again.

Then I drove through the town of Silver Lake. There was an event going on called the “Jeep Invasion.” I bet I saw a thousand jeeps and four wheel drive vehicles. No kidding! I felt inadequate. LOL.

My roaming then  took me through the Manistee National Forest and on into Cadillac where I stayed at a Walmart. I bless Sam Walton for being an RV’er and giving his blessing to anyone who wants to park overnight in a Walmart parking lot. Most of the stores let you , but some don’t, so asking first is a good idea.

Wisconsin – Governor Dodge State Park

On my trip to the House on the Rock, I stayed at the Governor Dodge State Park. It’s an interesting mix of prairie land and woodlands. I did a couple of hikes.

Stephens Falls is a beautiful spot. It’s down in a gorge right in the middle of the upland prairie. It was named after the family that farmed this land before they donated it to the state.

Here’s a spring house that they used for refrigeration

The falls


This is the path down into the gorge. Stone steps, thank Goodness there’s a railing.

Then I went on a walk to find the Lost Canyon. It too is a lovely scenic spot.


This State Park is nearby several places of interest. (I don’t like the term tourist attraction) The House on the Rock, Taliesin which is Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, a folklore retreat, and it’s close to Wisconsin Dells.

Southern Wisconsin is delightful. Rolling hills with farm fields stretching to the sky is the scenery.

A Full Day

A full day today. First I went exploring around the area. I found the Table Rock Dam and a Visitor Center for it that was amazing. The dam was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950’s to stop the White River from flooding. It formed the Table Rock Lake which spans several counties. The museum in the visitor center has information about the history of the dam, the wildlife in this area, the importance of water conservation and hydro-electric energy, and info about the Corps. They go all the back to the Revolutionary War! The building itself uses local limestone as part of the walls.

Then I stopped by the Table Rock State Park just down the road. Table Rock, by the way, is a mountain. The day was cool and eventually sunny, so a hike was in order. After a 2.5 mile walk through the woods, I was tired. Went back to the camp and rested until it was time for the evening activity.


The Dixie Stampede is a dinner and show created by Dolly Parton. The spectacular showcase was exciting and lots of fun. It begins with a walk through the stables where you can see all the horses used in the show. Then you go into a small theater where musical entertainers do a musical comedy routine. Imagine the song “I Want My MTV” done bluegrass style. Then it’s into the auditorium for the main event.

The show is a history of the west, starting with several buffalo. Then we see the Native American culture, the settlers moving in, and the War Between the States. The audience is divided into the North side and the South side, (I was on the north, of course). The acts are portrayed as contests with the performers in opposing groups. There are audience participation contests, too. Unfortunately, tonight the South won. Lots of music and comedy are incorporated. The riders change costumes and characters throughout.

It’s quite a show.

So tomorrow will be a quiet day, I think,  Laundry and movies are on the schedule.