Desert Scenery

The Scenery of the Desert

I have been in the desert exactly 2 times. And that is more than enough for me to fall in love.

I find a peacefulness there that is different from any other place I’ve been. The air is clear and light. If the wind isn’t blowing too hard, the breeze imakes the temperature very comfortable. Of course, I am referring to the desert in winter. Not sure I want to try summer. I hear it’s hot.  Heh

But the landscape is amazing. You would think, or at least I did being from back east, that color would be absent. Not so!


And while trees like I’m used to do not exist, there are the cactus.


And these bushes that grow tall


Here is a bush/tree lined “wash” which in these parts is a dry creek bed.


It even appears to be almost forest- like inside the grove along the creek. I do want to come here in the spring to see actual water.


And the mountains ring this valley with majesty


The sunsets are particularly appealing, since most of  the ones I see at home are obscured by buildings or trees.

One day I wandered out into the desert around the camp. The feeling of serenity was palpable. I felt like I could easily live here forever. That is, as long as the temperature stayed the same, (haha, never gonna happen.) But I make a connection with Nature like I never had before. I felt wonderful, clean, refreshed, humble.

My relationship with Nature has always been a part of my life. My family traveled for vacations when I was young. We oftern stayed at places that were scenic destinations. At home I also spent a lot of time outside. When we lived in Michigan, there was a river two blocks behind our house with a large woods along it. I would go back there and have “adventures” in my imagination. Of course my love of reading contributed to this, but I was writing even then. Making up characters and stories and – when no one was around – acting them out. Out loud. Boy, I bet if anyone did see me they had a good laugh.

So Mother Earth has comforted me, entertained me, and renewed me many times over. I carry her love with me now as I traverse her ground. I am conscious of the growing need to keep her landscapes safe and clean. One “rule” of being a nomad is to “leave no trace.” I believe this is a good way to live for everyone everywhere. Pick up after yourself. And when you find litter or trash, be kind and clean it up.