A Treasure in the Middle of Indiana

My interest in the Canals of Indiana and Ohio have led me to Delphi, IN. This is the “home” of the Erie-Wabash Canal. It is the location of the Canal Park which is right on the canal. It is the only navigable part of the canal that is left.

The park features an interactive museum detailing the history of building and maintaining the canal from 1828 to the 1870’s. Also it describes life in the United States during this period. There are lots of exhibits about living along the canal, what was transported, the different kinds of boats, and the people who worked on them. The museum has a wealth of information, displays, and hands-on activities that kids (and some adults .. ahem) love.

Along with the museum there is a pioneer village that preserves several buildings that would be in a canal town. Alas, they are only open on weekends so I did not get inside, but peeking in the windows proved they are furnished to perfection. Also on weekends they have a real canal boat that you can take rides in.

My education was improved, especially pertaining to Fort Wayne, which is my home base. I’ve lived there for 35 years and I knew it ran through Fort Wayne, but I never knew that the groundbreaking for the Canal was there. And  the opening of it was also there, at the Settlers House, a Summit City landmark.

There are several walking trails along the canal and through Delphi which point out historical sites. They all interconnect to form a trail system of 10 miles. I went to Sunset Point where the Wabash River intersects with Deer Creek. The canal went over the creek here to bypass the river.

I find the lives of the people living on the canal and working on it to be fascinating. Like the fact that sometimes men would flag down a passing boat at suppertime, jump on, eat the meal, and then get off so they wouldn’t have to pay a full fare.  I have developed a “research itch” about canal life. And that can only mean there is  possibly will be  might be a book in the future.

One of the best things about the park is that they have a camping area. With free wifi – bonus! The camp hosts were wonderful. Told me all about the place, and even came over to tell me there would be someone coming in at 11 pm, so that I wouldn’t be worried since I was the only one there at the time.

So if you’re thinking that Indiana doesn’t have much, (besides corn  har har) think again. And go exploring!



A Day in the Life of a Retired Grandma

For the past week I’ve been at my daughter’s house. My granddaughter was hit by a car and had to have a skin graft on her foot. She spent two days at the hospital and she can’t walk so I’ve been helping out.

So, my days have been quite different from the normal traveling mode. I’m on grandma duty now. Here’s my schedule:

6:30 am – the kids are waking up. The 11-year-old gets himself ready for school. The 3-year-old wakes up hungry. And the patient, 6-years-old, needs to get to the bathroom. She’s been sleeping downstairs on the couch. It’s a 2 story house and, of course, the bathroom is upstairs.

7:00 a.m. – breakfast  Yogurt and cereal. The doctor says protein is the most important thing to eat to help the healing process. Meats and dairy products. Yum!

9:00 a.m. – shopping.  We’re almost out of TP and paper towels, so I volunteer.  She’s getting bored, so I also picked up some little arts and crafts kits. Oh, and a new winter coat for me.

10:00 a.m. – library. I remembered that when my kids were little they had activity bags for traveling or sick days. Unfortunately these have been discontinued, but…they now have bags of books. Each one is on a different subject and contains 8 books and a DVD. I got the one called “I Spy” with books of hidden pictures. She loves those.

11:00 I run to her school to get some homework. The teacher had all her classmates make get well cards. How wonderful! The school also gave her a book.

1:00 p.m.  computer time Games and news surfing

3:00 p.m.  reading with the patient  The I’Spy hidden pictures books are a big success.

4:00 p.m. laundry and supper

7:00 TV time for the rest of the night

10:00 early to bed

A far cry from roaming, but just as satisfying.


   One thing I’ve instituted as part of my retirement plan is that I will not spend money from my savings account for traveling. I only spend my SS check. So, of course, that means when the funds run out, I have to lay low until the next one comes in. That’s why I’ve been in Fort Wayne for the past week. I ran out of cash on that trip to Branson.

Lesson learned.

Meanwhile, I’m researching some financial options in order to conserve. Part-time work , either online or in town, is not in my plans right now. I’m having too much fun roaming to consider any discipline other than my own writing. Thinking about the stock market gives me a headache. Doing online surveys is both boring and not at all lucrative.

I have been kicking around an idea for a website that could make some money. It has to do with starting an online community/resource center for front desk personnel. They say go with what you know and that’s what I know how to do, so…  It would entail selling ebooks on how to be a receptionist, office worker, etc. And perhaps a forum for ideas and rants. I might look into doing consulting or mentoring. Any thoughts from you  would be appreciated.

However, I have been enjoying myself with my daughter and grandkids. Like I said, writing has been fruitful lately.  Also, I’ve explored more of the Rivergreenway, the trails that meander throughout the city and beyond.                        

Also, I helped Jill with her spring cleaning. Feels kind of weird doing housework again. But almost fun.

My next adventure begins this week. I’ll start with a few days in Hoosier National Forest where I can boondock to save money. And then…?