One thing I’ve instituted as part of my retirement plan is that I will not spend money from my savings account for traveling. I only spend my SS check. So, of course, that means when the funds run out, I have to lay low until the next one comes in. That’s why I’ve been in Fort Wayne for the past week. I ran out of cash on that trip to Branson.

Lesson learned.

Meanwhile, I’m researching some financial options in order to conserve. Part-time work , either online or in town, is not in my plans right now. I’m having too much fun roaming to consider any discipline other than my own writing. Thinking about the stock market gives me a headache. Doing online surveys is both boring and not at all lucrative.

I have been kicking around an idea for a website that could make some money. It has to do with starting an online community/resource center for front desk personnel. They say go with what you know and that’s what I know how to do, so…  It would entail selling ebooks on how to be a receptionist, office worker, etc. And perhaps a forum for ideas and rants. I might look into doing consulting or mentoring. Any thoughts from you  would be appreciated.

However, I have been enjoying myself with my daughter and grandkids. Like I said, writing has been fruitful lately.  Also, I’ve explored more of the Rivergreenway, the trails that meander throughout the city and beyond.                        

Also, I helped Jill with her spring cleaning. Feels kind of weird doing housework again. But almost fun.

My next adventure begins this week. I’ll start with a few days in Hoosier National Forest where I can boondock to save money. And then…?