Last Day at Balloon Fiesta and Trip Home

On our last day in Albuquerque we took some time to explore a bit. Found a city park along the Rio Grande which runs along the west side of the city. It has wonderful bike / walking trail.


The last thing we did at the Balloon Fiesta was attend the evening glow. It was all the special shapes balloons, the ones that are not just a regular balloon shape. Every few minutes the announcer would say “5-4-3-2-1 all burn!” And the balloon pilots would light up their burners and they glowed! And then there was fireworks.


Then the next morning we finally said adios to New Mexico and began the 3 day drive home. The scenery is spectacular and changes constantly. Here’s a few shots.


So, good-by to the “Great Wide Open” for now.  I shall return.

Balloons Day 3

Flight of the Nations Mass Ascension

Today started at 5:30 a.m. We went to the Fiesta Park before dawn. Saw some balloons glowing on the way. We parked and the event had trollies to take us from the parking lot to the gate.  Then we  went out onto the field.


I watched one balloon from roll out to lift off. It’s name is Bimbo, sponsored by a bakery called Rise and Shine.


The rest of this post is pictures. No words can describe the thrill of seeing over 400 balloons rising to the sky.



Balloon Fiesta Day 2

This is what we saw when we walked out of the hotel this morning.


The sky was filled.


My brother and I went to the International Balloon Museum.

It was fascinating. I learned all kinds of things about ballooning – from the origins in France to how they were used in both world wars, to various expeditions and round the world trips.

This is a jig saw puzzle done by a balloon pilot. It’s 14 x 5 feet!

Then this evening we decided to eat Tex Mex…because, Albuquerque. We chose Sadie’s and it was good.

More tomorrow.

UP, UP and Away!

“Up, up and awaaaaaayy…in my beautiful balloon…”

I’m headed west again to a “lofty” event; The Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Fiesta. I’m going with my brother and big sister. My sister is a HUGE hot air balloon fan and it’s always been on her bucket list. We’ve been talking about doing this trip ever since I decided to retire. So this year, we’re going. The three of us are great traveling companions. As I’ve discussed before, traveling is in our blood.

There are several things to do there besides watching balloons. We’re hoping to take ride in one. Also, there’s chainsaw sculpture demonstrations, music concerts, art shows, and exhibits about ballooning. And, oh yeah, casinos.

We’re driving out, so my next post will be in a few days.