From the peanuts in the south to the rockets in the north, Alabama was an interesting state.

First stop was in Dalton, where the George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum is located. The museum was fascinating. Not only is there a comprehensive history of Carver’s life, but there is lots of information on other African-American inventors. Dalton is known as the peanut capital of Alabama. Their city has peanut statues all over. Cute.

Alabama is a long state to drive through. Cattle ranches and farmlands give way to hills and then some mountains in the far north.

I stopped in Huntsville, to visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Wow! What a great museum. There are real rockets on the property. I’m talking 30 stories tall. The Saturn program was built here and an entire building is devoted to that. I saw a National Geographic movie on the history of man’s desire to go into space, starting with Icarus. it was in 3-D; enjoyed that as well.

The center has all kinds of “rides” and interactive exhibits. A G-force simulator, a lift off simulator, a hyper drive ride, and a Mars rock climbing wall. I did not do any. Wandering around the exhibits took up all my time. An interesting idea is that there are retired NASA employees on hand to answer questions and explain things.


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