Snow Days

Why am I in Indiana? It’s cold here, Well, after my relaxing journey to the Arizona desert, I had some business to take care of back home.

First of all, I finally sold the Coleman trailer. Hurrah! It’s been a year and a half sitting on a lot at an RV dealer. I was selling it on commission and last month I figured it needed to be less expensive, so we lowered the price and Bazinga! Someone saw it at the RV Show and it’s gone. More money in the emergency fund.

In the meantime, I started a new writing platform to sell content. It’s called Vocal and it has many different categories where you can place articles. Payment is by number of views, or readers can pay the authors directly right on the web page. Here are the first 2 articles.

Computer Games – Comfort or Addiction

Convert Your Car to a Camper

Hopefully this will generate a small income. It looks to be better than the sites where you write an article and wait for someone to buy it.  Even though I live quite comfortably on my SS check each month, it’s nice to have another resource.

I’m also exploring marketing methods for the Trivia books. Book stores don’t buy from individuals, so I think I might try to get them placed in children’s stores and gift shops. Guess I’ll find out what kind of salesperson I am. heh.


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