Last Day at Balloon Fiesta and Trip Home

On our last day in Albuquerque we took some time to explore a bit. Found a city park along the Rio Grande which runs along the west side of the city. It has wonderful bike / walking trail.


The last thing we did at the Balloon Fiesta was attend the evening glow. It was all the special shapes balloons, the ones that are not just a regular balloon shape. Every few minutes the announcer would say “5-4-3-2-1 all burn!” And the balloon pilots would light up their burners and they glowed! And then there was fireworks.


Then the next morning we finally said adios to New Mexico and began the 3 day drive home. The scenery is spectacular and changes constantly. Here’s a few shots.


So, good-by to the “Great Wide Open” for now.  I shall return.

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