The Road is the Destination

Sometimes the road is the destination.

I’ve traveled a lot of roads in my life, and some are more enjoyable than others. I like to follow a road that I have only been on a short distance and see where the rest of it goes. I also like to travel a road several times, just because I find it interesting.

Some examples:

Highway 24 west out of Fort Wayne. I have been on this one often. Probably because it is an easy way to go west. It runs from Toledo, Ohio, through Fort Wayne, and across Indiana and Illinois. It then crosses the Mississippi River and continues through Missouri. I believe it goes on into Colorado, but I have not journeyed there yet. There are lots of small towns along the way with nice parks, good restaurants, and more than a few Walmarts.

Another nice road I enjoy is Highway 127 that I follow to Hamilton, Ohio (near Cincinnati) when I go south. I usually get on/off it at Mercer, Ohio where it junctions with Highway 33. I’m on 127 this trip going north into Michigan.

A while ago I followed 33 past Interstate 75 just to see where it goes.

I recently followed Highway 42 up through Ohio when I went to Cuyahoga National Park, and that one I will explore again. It has some lovely areas through hills and lake towns.

And I’ve talked before about Highway 50 that runs along the Ohio River in Indiana and Ohio. It might be my favorite so far.

I do not like traveling on interstates because there’s more traffic and less community. Oh yes, you can get off at exits and go into small towns, but it’s just not the same. Coming upon a town or village after cresting a hill or swinging around a curve is stimulating. You don’t know what is in store and this way you often get to see the quieter neighborhoods instead of the main drag crowded with fast food restaurants and gas stations.

Do you have a state highway you’re fond of? I’m open to suggestions.

There is a saying I particularly like that pretty much sums it up.  “The goal is not the destination, It’s the journey.”