Old Man’s Cave

Today I went exploring in Hocking Hills State Park. It’s located southeast of Columbus, Ohio. It’s a place my family visited about 55 years ago. I remember loving it, but strangely today I did not remember any of the scenery. Perhaps that’s because I think this is the place where I developed a fear of falling from a high place.

The family lore goes like this: I was with my dad when he climbed up a narrow trail that went along a cliff. It was very slippery because there was water on the rocky path. He had to pick me up and carry me when the trail got too narrow for two. And he must of been scared and transferred that fear to me, because I will not go near an edge of a cliff or a rooftop or any high place that I can fall off. I don’t like glass elevators either! And I swear this is why I hate driving in mountains.

Anyway, this time I was not scared because all the paths that go up the cliffs are now blocked off and inaccessible. However…the place is absolutely gorgeous! (Pun intended) (Cause it’s a gorge of a river) (get it?) (OK moving on)

The story of the Old Man’s Cave is that a hermit named Richard Rohm lived there in a the 1800’s. He had been a hunter and scout and decided this place was where he wanted to spend the rest of his life. So he did.

Here’s the actual cave where he lived. It’s a shelf in the cliff above the river, created by wind and water thousands of years ago.


The rest of the area is full of rock formations, waterfalls, and woods.


There are tunnels cut through the cliffs for hikers.

Lots of bridges across the stream.

There’s even a “Sphinx Head” rock formation.

I went early in the morning and the sunlight was beautiful.

My kind of place.


2 thoughts on “Old Man’s Cave

  1. Beth, you are exploring near my old neck of the woods. Went to that park many years ago on a double date (I know, strange date) – and, like you, I don’t really remember a whole lot other than there were a lot of rocks!


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