“Memories…Pressed between the pages of my mind…”

They say you can’t go home again, but this past weekend, I did. To Three Rivers, Michigan where I lived from age 12 to 24. My high school class had our 45th reunion. I hadn’t been back since our 11th reunion. (Yeah, we were a bit unconventional.) I had a wonderful time.

Friday night we met at the home of a classmate who lives out in the country. Everyone brought snacks and their own drinks. For me, it was wine. We talked for hours. It was so good to see people who I hadn’t had contact with in over 30 years. Our hosts even let me camp on the property that night. Thank you, Gary and Mary!

Then Saturday morning we toured the building that used to be our high school. It now Riverside Church, a non-denominational worship center that has many community outreach programs. And it just happens to be run by one of our classmates. The building was really changed from when we suffered through the angst of high school. (Well, I did anyway) It was fun trying to guess what each room used to be. The gym was easy; it has been kept almost intact with the basketball hoops and floor markings and is now used for the church services. Even the bleachers were still in use.

Saturday afternoon I wandered around the area. Spent some time at the county park just outside of town. It has lovely hiking trails. Took pictures of my old house. Walked around downtown and visited the used book store. It’s called Lowery’s and it’s huge. They bought out five shops along the main street and combined them, leaving the original storefronts so you don’t know how big it is until you get inside. The décor is innovative and fun. This is a picture of the stairway to the lower level.

I controlled myself and bought only one book (pat on the back).

Then Saturday night was the actual reunion dinner. It was pot luck (I took a fruit platter). Saw even more old friends. Connected with classmates that I didn’t hang out with and they became new friends. So nice. We had music playing from our childhood and youth. I even contributed a few CD’s. The food was great. Although, surprisingly, there were very few desserts. We must be living healthy lives LOL.

Sunday morning, some of us met up again at a restaurant for breakfast. It was out at one of the lakes that surround the city. I remember as a teenager I was happy that my parents knew several people who had a lake house. Had to keep that tan, ya know.

All in all it was a satisfying weekend. I shall definitely go to the next event. We’re going to celebrate our 65th birthdays together.

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