Summer Plans

Back in Fort Wayne at my daughters home. Celebrating my grandson’s birthday today. Wednesday there’s 2 school ceremonies. Granddaughter “graduates” from kindergarten to first grade. Oldest grandson leaves elementary school for middle school.  And the little one is talking up a storm. Wow. Growing up!

Haven’t decided where the next road will take me. I’ve been thinking about maybe up into Michigan. I lived there for 10 years through high school and college. Later this summer I have a high school reunion in Three Rivers, but I want to see the “top of the hand” again. Perhaps a jaunt over to Mackinac Island. Holland is nice too, although I think I’m too late for the Tulip Festival.

In July I will be volunteering at the 3 Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne. (Funny how the name “Three Rivers” has been in my life so much.)

I’ll also be seeing some live shows. A play about an author I love. And a concert. More on those later.



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