Scary Overnight Trip

This past weekend I joined a group of friends and went to Winchester, IN to spend the night at The Randolph County Infirmary. This building is an abandoned nursing facility. It is haunted.

The history of the place indicates it has been several types of facilities… A poor farm, a TB sanitarium, an asylum for the mentally ill, and most recently a nursing home. It burned down once and was rebuilt. There are reports of cruelty to patients, accidents, and of course, death from disease.

The organization running the event is Ghost Hunters, USA.  They gave us a history tour. Then we had three sessions with their staff who incorporated equipment that let us hear voices, supposedly of the spirits who haunt the building. (I’m not sure I believe it was real cause the machines were run by a computer program) One session was in the basement, where there is a large kitchen where “Mary” the cook hangs out. Then there was a session in one of the activity rooms. And the other was in the attic, where supposedly children still play. They have toys up there for the children to interact with.

Then we were given free run of the entire building. We stayed up till 3:00 am checking out rooms and trying to contact a spirit. We were allowed to use equipment the staff had or take pictures to see if a ghost showed up in them. We were told we could sleep anywhere, but we chose one of the bedrooms that was for the servants.

I do not have any pictures of ghosts because I did not see any. Nor did I hear anything in the halls, or sense any kind of presence.

The event was fun and interesting, but I don’t think I’d do it again.

Then it was back to Fort Wayne for a visit from my older daughter who lives in Ohio. She gave me an idea for my next trip. There’s a place in Wisconsin called the House on the Rock which is full of collections, oddities and it has a carousel.

On a sad note, Vincent has a leak! The back window seal must be loose because there’s a wet spot just inside the hatch door. If it’s not too bad I’ll wait to get it fixed when these darn storms are over.

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