Hoosier National Forest

I think if I ever come into a lot of money (in other words win the lottery)I would like to live in a national forest. What a great backyard! Indiana has no National Parks, but it does have Hoosier National Forest. It includes several counties in the southern part of Indiana. French Lick is on the northern edge of the forest. There are lots of villages and towns throughout the area. And I don’t know if it’s naiveté, but I didn’t realize there were so many farms inside the forest boundaries.

The first night I stayed at Initial Point, which has a small area for tents. There’s a trail that leads down the hill to the Pivot Point, which is the place where all the measurements for Townships begins. Something I never knew. Yay Trivia!

The next night I decided I needed a shower so I rented a site at the Patoka Lake State Park campground. Since it’s early in the season there are not too many people here. I scored a delightful site right on the lake. Well, it’s above the lake on a ridge, but it looks out over the water. A trail leads down to it.

It was so good that I reserved the site for 3 days.

After I set up camp, I visited the Nature Center and did a short hike.  The trail had the most amazing rock formations.

The rocks form overhangs that were used by the Native Americans as shelters when hunting. And apparently there are 100’s of caves in this area.Here’s a small cave I passed.

The trail eventually goes to the lake, which is actually the second largest reservoir in the state. Unfortunately with such a warm winter, and not a lot of snow melt, the water level is very low.

Rain is in the forecast but I hope to do some more hiking.

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