I’m still so new to this thing called retirement that I sometimes I  am in wonder at the fact that I can do – or not do – anything I want. My daughter goes to work, the kids go to school, and there I am, lounging. What a waste…hehehe

I have found myself in author mode this week and so you can find me at a library during the day. I’m working on the third volume in my Trivia for Kids series. This one on Games. Fascinating stuff. There’s a lot of history surrounding the creation of games. Many books to read. Many hours to study. Ok, yes, I’m indulging myself in research again. But it’s for a good cause!

I’m trying to write every day. Sometimes this blog counts. Sometimes I work on my novel. Yes, I’m writing a novel. It’s slow going. I’ve learned all about the structure of a novel, picked through tips on how and why and where and what, but no one can tell you how to just sit down and write. Willpower, you say? Yeah, right! I need a desk out in the middle of a field with nothing around. But then I’d probably end up counting blades of grass instead of working.

I’m giving myself a deadline. I will get the first draft of my novel finished by December 31. Keep me on track, ok? You have my permission to nag me.

Traveling is also on the agenda.  However, reading the news lately, I wonder how much longer I can roam around the country for cheap. Public lands are still free to camp in, but who knows how long that will last. And I want to visit as many National Parks as I can, because with the rumors about privatization, they might be beyond my budget.  Maybe my grand plan for retirement will be changing. I’m starting to think a Plan B might be in order.

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