All Aboard!

Today I took a ride on a train. The Branson Scenic Railroad to be exact. It’s a ride beginning in downtown Branson that winds through the mountains surrounding the city. The two hour trip is relaxing. The conductor provides commentary about points of interest. There’s music piped through the cars – 1940’s swing tunes. I had lunch on the train. Chicken salad and lemonade from the concession car.

The rest of the day I spent exploring. Downtown Branson has a historic section with lots of old-fashioned stores. I went into Dick’s 5 & 10. They have every kind of souvenir you could want. Also household goods, clothes, etc. One sad thing I learned – penny candy is now dime candy.

There’s free trolley that takes you all over the downtown are. I was the only rider when I got on so the driver and I had a conversation. Turns out he was born and grew up in Indiana!

Tonight I have rented a site in a lovely campground right in the city. Carson’s Country Campground. The ladies who run the place are wonderful. They helped me pick out a spot, and offered me a cot in the office if it storms. Although I’ll be just fine in the van. (I’m the only tenter here so I don’t think this is a regular suggestion.)




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