Here I am in Branson, Missouri, which turns out to be a lot like Las Vegas. I want to go to a show or two, however, tonight we are in a tornado watch. Thunderstorms are predicted all night so I’m in a motel. I don’t want to be out in a storm in a town where I don’t know where I’m going, so the shows will have to wait.

I have booked a campground for the next two nights that is right in town. I’ll be able to move there tomorrow.

My goodness, this town is literally in the mountains. I don’t think there is any street that doesn’t go up and down. And ya’ll know how I feel about mountain driving. Gaahhhhh!

But it’s interesting. Lots of buildings that are more than just buildings. That first picture is a restaurant. Theaters and museums are extravagant.


Imagine driving down the street and seeing this.

It’s a theater.

Hopefully I’ll get to a few State Parks on the way home.



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