Go West Old Woman

I’m headed west. I decided to see where Interstate Highway 24 goes. I’ve been as far as Huntington, about 30 miles west of  Fort Wayne, but beyond that…no. So heading that way.

However, going south seems like a good plan, too, since this far north there are no campgrounds open yet. I’ll probably follow 24 into Missouri and then I think I might end up in Branson. It’s one of those places I haven’t been to yet, so, yeah. Gotta go. I got a nice tax refund this year and it’s begging to be spent. Hopefully there will be a show or two I want to see.

This will be  2 week trip. I’ll be back in Fort Wayne by April 7 because I have an event to attend.

Any suggestions about Branson or that area would be appreciated.



One thought on “Go West Old Woman

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