Mountains and More Mountains

Tuesday – I went to Shenandoah National Park – the first NP in my new life. I got the America the Beautiful Senior Pass which lets me in all National Parks for free for the rest of my life.  I also got the first stamp in my National Parks Passport Book. Thanks Deb!

I drove through about half the park. Saw a lot of hikers, but I didn’t feel like climbing up and down mountains. And it was cold and rainy. So, just the one picture.  And, once again, all the buildings were closed. I guess I thought all the park facilities were open year round, but no, the Visitor Centers and campgrounds don’t open for another few weeks. Even the Lodge was closed. So tonight I’m parked at a Walmart.

Beautiful park, disappointing day.

Wednesday – I’ve been driving through the mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, up into Pennsylvania, and back down into West Virginia. And just when I was getting used to mountain driving, (which has not been something I enjoy) the winds picked up until they were 25 mph. Not fun while going up and down, dodging semi’s and trying to go the 70 mph speed limit. The gusts were so strong I was getting scared. So I stopped at a motel to wait it out. Should be better tomorrow.




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