Time to Get Busy


I’m in Fort Wayne, getting ready to clear out the apartment. I’m trying to think of it as THE apartment instead of MY apartment because I’m leaving a place I’ve enjoyed living in for the past nine years.

Change is always hard. Retirement, the big change, was relatively easy, I’d been planning for it for 40 years LOL. The change in living locations has only been on the list for a couple of years.

When thinking about living in a vehicle as opposed to a building, I kinda made a pro and con list in my head.

Pro – I won’t have rent to pay, I won’t have utilities to pay, I won’t have house maintenance tasks, I can live anywhere

Con – I’ll need to find a place to sleep every night, I’ll spend more on gas

People ask me what I’ll miss about living in a house Not much actually. Being in a van I will be able to do everything I already do  – eat, sleep, read, surf the internet, watch movies and TV shows, write.

Here’s what I won’t miss – house cleaning.

All in all I believe this change in lifestyle will be good for me. During the past several years I’ve spent a lot of time in a kind of limbo, sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. Not what I want my “golden years” to be.

So, time to get to it!


One thought on “Time to Get Busy

  1. Glad to hear your back safely from where you started. Once you get the apt cleared out completely you’ll feel FREE & your wings spreading. I’m headed for Carlsbad Ca tomorrow early AM. Yay!!!!!!


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