Boy Am I Tired!

I spent several hours today at the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show. Fondly called the Big Tent, because there’s a …you know…big tent. Actually the tent is huge, I think close to 500 vendors inside. And what’s more, there’s another 1,000 vendors outside! I didn’t even count the number of RV dealers selling rigs.
I drove out to the site about an hour before they opened and was rewarded with a parking space only two blocks away.
Everything and anything was for sale. Inside the tent was RV equipment and supplies, camping equipment, jewelry, skin care (lots of things that promised no more Botox, because of the average age of the customers? IDK), cookware, bed linens, bikes, motorized chairs, clothes, decorations; all with demonstrations. Also many campgrounds, individual cities and states, insurance companies, and work opportunities had booths.
And then OUTSIDE…food vendors, clothing vendors, household goods, booths specializing in knives, or leather goods or baskets, hippie style clothes and accessories, wood carvings, rocks and gems, plain old flea market stuff, and much, much more.
There were several pop up restaurants and I had lunch at “Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care” LOL.
I only bought 3 things (so proud of myself) and did not pick up EVERY pamphlet. I bought firestarters that I’ll need when I have a fire ring (the guy even threw in a free lighter and several more samples so the 25 I bought turned into 35!) which are good indoors and out. I picked up a pack of Techni Ice, which is a chemical that freezes when you soak it in water and the pack keeps your cooler  cold for 5 days.  Then you soak it again so it’s reusable. The other thing is a surprise for my grandkids so I won’t tell you what it is til they get it, cause their mom reads this blog. (Sorry Jill)
All in all a satisfying day. Now I think I’ll take a nap.

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