It’s Off to Work We Go


Jan 19   Today sessions were about working on the road. The morning was all about workamping, which is what we call working a temporary job as an RV’er.  National Parks are good for working at gift shops and concession booths. And if you have experience, you can be a tour guide, river rafting guide, horseback ride leader, and have fun doing what you love.

National Forests have campgrounds where you can be camp host. That means you are the one taking reservations, keeping the campground clean, and cleaning the toilets and showers. In return you usually get a free campsite for the season.

Being a RV transfer driver is another good way to live on the road and earn money. Transporting rigs from the factory to a dealership, or from a dealer to a campground for a customer, you can live in the RV and tow your own car to go to the next job. A woman here who does it says she makes 1 or 2 runs a month and enjoys visiting National Parks on her off days.

Other jobs are for companies who like to hire RV’ers because the work is seasonal, just a few weeks or months. Amazon has it’s own CamperForce that do inventory picking and shipping in November and December for the Christmas rush. There’s a beet harvest every fall that sugar companies use nomads for. Not at the farms, but at the sugar factories, sorting and preparing the beets for processing.

And Bob told about a friend of his who is a poker dealer and follows the professional tournaments all over the country.

Of course if you have a skill or offer a service, that’s another way to have an income. Here at the RTR I’ ve met musicians, writers, carpenters, welders, RV repair guys, seamstresses, beauticians, dog groomers, computer experts, a traveling nurse, a psychic, and a yoga instructor, all who use their expertise to make money.

So there are lots of ways to earn a living even when you’re on the road.

The afternoon was going to be a talk by a woman who wrote a book about her own workamping experiences plus how to sell stuff on EBay.. However, it’s been raining off and on all afternoon so I didn’t go. Isn’t that what retirement is about, deciding not to do something cause you just don’t wanna? hehe

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