Down Mexico Way

Today we learned all about going to Mexico for medical stuff. People go there all the time to get really cheap dental work, eyeglasses, and prescriptions. Lots of the group have been there and say it is perfectly safe. In fact, Americans are treated extremely well because we have cash. Most of the medical office workers speak English. And the services are just like here in the states, even some taking American insurance.

The town this group goes to is Algodones, which shares the border with Yuma, AZ. A lot of people in Yuma go across the border for lunch . Now getting across is easy, you just walk through the gate. But if you want to come back, you need a passport.
I’m not sure I will ever do this, but who knows?

In the afternoon there was no session so I went out to see a bit more of the desert. Drove north to Parker, AZ, and visited an old friend. Walmart. LOL

Then in the evening was our talent show. Nomads are creative people. They need a way to pass the time without TV, so they develop talents. The show included a guy who does professional yo-yo tricks, a flute player, several poets, a woman who did a comedy routine about making balloon animals. And my favorite was a singer-songwriter who performed a lovely song about traveling called, “My Heart is with the Highway and the Wind.”

All in all a another great day at the RTR. Oh and if you wonder why we’re called Rubber Tramps, well, we travel on rubber ya know.

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