What’s Cooking?

January 17
Three classes today, the first two on cooking.

The morning session was a show and tell on favorite cooking methods. Everything from cooking oatmeal in a thermos to using a pressure cooker on a camping stove.

The second class was specifically on pressure cooking and solar cookers. The solar cookers are what interested me. One lady demonstrated how to make one yourself from items bought at the dollar store. Cost less then $10.00 and works just as well as the $300-$400 ones. I think I have a project!

The last class today was on making videos and how to upload them to You Tube. Ehhh, maybe I will, but don’t count on it soon. I’d rather do landscape photography.

It’s going to rain Thursday or Friday. Yay! Why? Because Vincent is so dirty. Saves me a trip to the car wash.

Oh, and guess what I’ve stopped doing? Drinking coffee all day. Yes, me! I drink a cup in the morning and sometimes at night if it’s cold. I don’t know if it’s because I’m running around all day, or just that I’m out of my old routine. No desk here, ya know.

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