Another Day, Another Fun Class


Okay so the desert isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It got down to 35 degrees last night. Geesh!

January 16 the morning session was on all the nitty gritty legal stuff. We discussed where to have your residence, because you have to have a street address to do anything in this county. And did you know that driver’s licenses must have a federal designation  of authenticity starting in 2018? If you don’t have a gold star on your license, you will not be able to enter a Federal building or an airport!

We also talked about getting mail on the road, which is pretty easy with general delivery. Health care was a much discussed topic. Many nomads have Obamacare, but now if it’s going to go away, we don’t know what we can get. Many go to Mexico for medicines, eyeglasses and dental work.  Very cheap there and most medical personnel are approved by American insurance agencies.

The fun class was on astronomy. The teacher is a National Park Ranger and he teaches these classes as part of his job. He did this on his own because he’s actually on vacation and here to be part of the RTR.  He was funny, told lots of stories about the constellations,, and instilled in us a desire to be connected to nature. We walked out to a spot away from the camp when it was just getting dark. He had a laser pointer to point out each star and constellation.

In the morning meeting one of the men took a count of how many different kinds of rigs there are here. There are 329 individual vehicles, which means about 400 people, the most the RTR has ever had. When you consider that it started  seven years ago with 40 people, you realize how much the community has grown.

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