Education and Relaxation


January 15, 2017 Today’s morning session was very interesting. It was a “Tin Can Seminar.” All week there was a can sitting on the speaker’s table which people could put questions into. Then today, the leader, a 40-year camping veteran, read them and asked the group for answers. It was educational, thought-provoking, and sometimes just funny, Questions included “How do I meet a nice girl?” and “What books inspired you to travel?” and “Does traveling make you a better person?” and “How do I determine what makes a safe stealth parking spot in a strange city?” It was my favorite session so far.

This afternoon Vincent was getting restless so we went for a drive. I drove west on I-10 to Blythe, which is the nearest city. It also happens to be just across the state line in California, so yes folks, I actually drove all the way across the country!  (kinda, sorta)

Interesting fact about California. They have completely banned plastic bags. I stopped at a drug store to buy a couple of things and was not given any bag to carry them in. Luckily I only got a card and some trash bags. I found out that you have to take your own bags when you go shopping or purchase a reusable one at the store.

Then I came back and walked around the outdoor marketplace in Quartzsite, which is basically a place for traveling vendors that is open all winter. I had an ice cream cone! It was sunny and 66 degrees, I couldn’t resist.

It’s been getting pretty chilly at night here, so I’ve started sleeping in the van. The tent is useful for dressing and bathroom, but crawling in and out will get old sooner than I think. I may try a little conversion on the van, putting in some kind of bed and storage. I’ve seen a lot of ways to do it here, so with some careful thought and planning, I believe I can do it myself. Lots of women have, so why not me?

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