Busy Day

Saturday, Jan. 14

The morning session was on solar panels and how to use them. It’s way more complicated than I thought. So what I learned was that if I decide to use them, I need a LOT more learning!

The afternoon class was on lithium batteries which did not interest me at all. So I went into town to do something I love.

I went to a concert!

Quartzsite is celebrating 150 years as a town this year. So there was performance today by The New Christy Minstrels. They have been coming to Quartzsite for the last ten years because Randy Sparks, the leader, wrote a song about one the local historical figures.

It was a wonderful concert. They are, of course, great musicians and singers., although not as strong as I remember due to there being only 7 members now. But funny! The comedy was as good as the music.

And then for supper there was a group meal of chili dogs, chips, and desserts.

I just noticed that WordPress is dating my posts as the day after I write them, so I will start dating each one, to eliminate confusion and preserve my sanity.

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