Ah the Life of a Nomad


Today I went into town to take a shower. As I said before, Quartzsite is geared towards travelers. The laundromat has shower rooms. For $7.00 you get 20 minutes in a very clean shower room, well ventilated, and they provide a washcloth, a towel and shampoo.
I drove around a bit, although there’s not much besides RV campgrounds, RV dealers, and tourist traps.

And then I did a bad, bad thing.

I went to a bookstore.

Reader’s Oasis is a used bookstore where I spent a pleasant hour wandering. If you Fort Wayne people have ever been to Hyde Brothers on Wells, this is the same kind of place. Crammed to the ceiling with books, magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, vintage and retro paraphernalia, and more books. I promised myself I would spend only S10.00. I got 8 paperbacks. And she threw in the local tourist newspaper.
This morning’s RTR session was an intro to Quartszite, the schedule for the rest of the Rendezvous, and then anyone who had an item to sell, or a service they can provide, got to announce it. Since there are about 200 people here, you have to connect with the seller yourself, but they hang around after the meeting to do so.
This afternoon was a crafts session, and since I am not crafty… I went to town instead.

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