And So It Begins


Well, I’m officially here.  Pulled into the BLM entrance about 3:30 on Monday. Registered with the BLM volunteer camp host and found a spot to park. Set up the tent, moved all the heavy stuff into it so it wouldn’t blow away. Learned that from a woman who is right across from me. She was in the military. She said they never pounded stakes cause it attracts the enemy. (But I pounded my stakes anyway, just in case.)

Everyone is sooo friendly and helpful. I struggled a bit putting up the tent and 5 people stopped by to help. Then in the evening, people were out walking, stopping to say hi and introduce themselves. It’s a very nurturing atmosphere. The whole idea of the event is for newcomers to learn from the veterans.

This morning we had an informal welcome meeting. Bob Wells, the guy who create the RTR, spoke and answered questions about how to do things around here. He does all this for free just because he wants people to learn about dry camping. He’s been camping for 20 years and his website is one of the ones I have been devouring as research the past 2 years.

I drove into Quartzsite this afternoon to get a few supplies. There’s a group walk at 4:00. Tomorrow classes start.

I’ve met 2 other Beths here already so my name button says Beth from Indiana. heh

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