Westward Ho!

This first day’s drive was lovely, sunny all day. But I still couldn’t help wondering when was the snow going to disappear! Sigh…maybe tomorrow.

For entertainment on the way I listened to one of my favorite travel books, Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon. This book, along with the travelogues done by Charles Kuralt back in the day, are major elements that fed my wanderlust. Oh yeah, and the TV show Route 66. My long-term goal is to travel the back roads like they did.

I got the audiobook from Hoopla, a download website of the public library. You can get movies, TV shows, ebooks, and music, too. I also download books from Overdrive, also connected to the library, which I transfer to my Kindle app to read. The cool thing about these sites is that anything you download is subject to the library check out policy and when it’s due back, they just take it off your device. No overdue fees!  Ain’t the internet great?

I stopped for the night in Sullivan, MO. Found a nice, cheap motel with Wi-Fi. Across the road is a Walmart. Time to get some supplies. (Yeah, I forgot to bring shampoo)

Note to self: Do not eat crunchy tacos while driving.

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