Here I Go Again

On the road tomorrow, so today is packing day. WARNING: this post contains minutiae

There are a few things I bought just for this trip: a small space heater (the desert does get cold at night), an inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the van, a couple of DVD’s, food.

I already have and will be taking:

Sleeping bag, tent which may not get used considering the weather, all my clothes, a duffel bag to keep them in, an overnight backpack for when I stay in a motel, kitty litter toilet for when I can’t find a restroom, DVD player, computer, cooking and eating items, toiletries, various other supplies

The inverter can charge both USB and AC devices, so the phone, computer, hotspot, DVD player, even the heater.

I have an insulated bag that will keep any perishable food cool. I don’t plan on having many perishable items but some butter and cheese and milk, maybe vegetables and fruit I can buy along the way. The trick is to put in a frozen item to generate the cold. When it thaws out I’ll eat it and buy another.

This will be my permanent setup for when I start full-time van dwelling March 1st.

I’ll start out early tomorrow cause I’ll need to travel at least 7 hours a day to get there on time. And from the looks of the weather across the country for the next few days, I believe I’ll be staying in a motel at night. An expense but there’s no way I’m sleeping outside in freezing temperatures!

The campsite is just 2 miles outside of Quartzsite so we can go into town every day.  It’s a small town but it has a grocery, a Family Dollar store, a McDonald’s (free wi-fi!), and a laundromat that also has showers. Also there are 2 truck stops.  Like I said in the last post, the place is set up for RV’s and camping.

I’ll be posting from the road, so I’ll talk to you soon!

3 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

    • Hello, thanks for checking out my blog. If you mean the space heater, I have not used it yet. I plan to use it in the tent to warm the space and then turn off the van engine. I have been traveling by van only about 4 months and have not camped in freezing weather yet. (And probably won’t)

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      • I cant imagine the tent holding the heat for long. I have done some wintercamping and the key is good insulation from the ground and many layers to stay warm./.. maybe get some of those air activated hand warmers they have an adhesive side so you can tape them to your sucks or wrist . I am sure you will blog about how you made out.


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