“In the bleak mid-winter…”

I know I’m supposed to working, i.e. writing, but the lovely feeling of having to do nothing is still hanging in the air. Bruno Mars has a wonderful song called “The Lazy Song” that perfectly matches my mood. Check out the video, it’s hilarious.

But then, as of today, I really need to start packing up my stuff and getting it gone. Because I officially handed in my notice to vacate the apartment. My lease is up at the end of February so…I need to get it in gear!

I am hereby putting all friends and relatives on notice. If you need anything, check with me, I may have one. In fact, I may have a house cooling party.  That’s where instead of getting gifts for a new place, you give away your stuff as gifts to empty it out.

Retirement is turning out to be as much fun as I thought. No schedules, no deadlines, no alarm clock. When I feel like traveling, I travel. Sometimes I just go for a drive. I enjoy shopping, either at a store or online, without having to buy something I need. (Although that can be dangerous for my budget.)  Why just the thrill of sleeping in until 7:30 am … OK that didn’t last long.  I’m reverting back to my normal night owl self. Bed around 1:00 or 2:00 am, up at 9:00. Hea-ven!

My feet are beginning to itch again, so I’m planning a trip after the new year. The new tent needs to be initiated.

South … duh!

Family Time

Since we have a lot of family members who work in the service sector, someone is always at work on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. So this year we decided to celebrate Thanksmas. This weekend I am in Ohio with everyone, it being the one weekend everybody can be together. Today was Thanksgiving and tomorrow will be Christmas. The little kids are thrilled with getting two holidays.

It’s been 4 months since my retirement began and I still feel like I’m on vacation. I’m going to be doing some more traveling after the new year and have put my writing on hold cause I’ve been on a reading kick for the last several weeks. So, more to come eventually.