On the Way West


I’m on my way to Longview, Texas with my sister Judi to meet up with family. We left Monday morning and drove to Nashville where we stayed the night. On the way we had lunch at a Big Boy. I had not been in one for years. Brawny Lad – my favorite!

This morning (Tuesday) we drove to the Natchez Trace Parkway, a designated National Historic Parkway overseen by the National Parks Service. It’s a beautiful 444 mile, 2-lane road that roams through 3 states.

20161122_093304        20161122_101133

It’s on my places-to-see bucket list, so there’s one crossed off. Yay!


Originally the trace was a route that traders and Indians used to get around what was then the southwest. It’s got historical landmarks, homestead sites, buildings, and more. You can walk trails all along the route. And my wonderful sister indulged me. I spent a half hour climbing a mountain along a lovely switch=back trail through the woods and was rewarded at the top with a scenic view.

20161122_101448     20161122_103226   20161122_102634

We decided not to spent all our time on the trace, so we continued to Memphis and on towards Little Rock. Along the way we found a really good Mexican restaurant in the small town of Hohenwald, TN. Tonight we’re in Hazen, AR.

I’m definitely going to come back and do the rest of the Trace someday.

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