Nature Walk


Even though I am staying put for a while, I still have the urge to get out into nature. Fortunately, Fort Wayne has a beautiful walking/biking trail system, The Rivergreenway.

The trails go right through the heart of the city. But just a few steps away from one of the many access points, it looks like you are miles from civilization

.20161107_144318              20161107_142931

Yesterday I went over to Johnny Appleseed Park. Just west of the campground you walk under the Parnell Street Bridge.


With three rivers flowing through the city, there are plenty of out-of-the-way spots to relax and enjoy Autumn in Indiana.

20161107_142434       20161107_142550

The trails are designed so that even the surrounding infrastructure becomes part of the scenery.


60 degrees in November!


It was a soul-satisfying day.

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