Placeholder ImageExcept for one road trip, I do not plan on traveling in November. Several reasons, the RV has not sold yet and I am counting on that money. If it doesn’t sell, I need to save some more. Also I have several obligations this month that would limit road time. And I have decided to stay in the Woodbridge apartment until the lease is up in February. At this point, buying out my lease wouldn’t save me anything.

I’ll probably be looking for a low income or senior housing unit. I know I’ve been talking about living on the road but hey, woman’s prerogative to change my mind! I guess somewhere to call my own is stronger than I thought. I do have an offer to live with my daughter, but after all this time alone, living with kids isn’t in my skillset. And it will only be a home base in between travels. I’m NOT giving up the dream. I gave myself 20 years for this lifestyle, so I think I have time to see the whole country. LOL

On another note, I went to vote early this afternoon at the library, but OMG there was a packed house. I didn’t want to wait in a 2 hour line, so I’ll try again tomorrow. Early!  I wonder if I went on election day I’d be the only one there.

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