On the Way Home

This was a travel day, so no pictures. We stopped for the night in Waverly, TN, which is near Hurricane Mills. Pop Quiz: What country singer has a ranch here? We ate dinner at her Country Kitchen. Good food.

Home Tomorrow.






Give up? Loretta Lynn.

Texas Thanksgiving


Spent yesterday and today with my cousin and her extended family. I met second and third cousins for the first time. It was a wonderful get together.

We were on a farm in West Texas.


It’s a beautiful property.


The kids spent some time building a swing over the creek.


Wednesday evening we  talked and ate. Today we ate and talked.

And I learned a new card game – Scum. It’s a  blast.

This retirement thing is pretty sweet. It’s a joy to be able to take a road trip whenever I want, just get in the car and go. Meeting up with family is such a pleasure. Getting to know seldom seen relatives is a treat.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about reflection. Here’s little bit of it:

The word reflection means looking at something with thoughtful consideration. As I look back on my life, I see many things that were good, some that were great, and of course, some that were mistakes.

Am I thoughtful when thinking about them? Not always. Amused, sad, bitter, angry, and I guess, sometimes thoughtful. Usually the bad stuff doesn’t even get considered. (Forgetfulness in aging can be a good thing, hehe)

My career path changed several times. I started out to be a nurse, switched to librarian, and ended up as an receptionist at a senior housing community.

I’ve been married twice. Divorced. Widowed. Raised kids. Lost parents. Gained grandchildren.

A fairly normal life actually. Not too much that I would call bad. At least, nothing I would talk about.

Reflection is an exercise that I really should do more often. Especially since I’m calling myself a writer these days. It’s good for the soul, so they tell me.

This day was another time of reflecting on how good my life is. I am blessed.

On the Way West


I’m on my way to Longview, Texas with my sister Judi to meet up with family. We left Monday morning and drove to Nashville where we stayed the night. On the way we had lunch at a Big Boy. I had not been in one for years. Brawny Lad – my favorite!

This morning (Tuesday) we drove to the Natchez Trace Parkway, a designated National Historic Parkway overseen by the National Parks Service. It’s a beautiful 444 mile, 2-lane road that roams through 3 states.

20161122_093304        20161122_101133

It’s on my places-to-see bucket list, so there’s one crossed off. Yay!


Originally the trace was a route that traders and Indians used to get around what was then the southwest. It’s got historical landmarks, homestead sites, buildings, and more. You can walk trails all along the route. And my wonderful sister indulged me. I spent a half hour climbing a mountain along a lovely switch=back trail through the woods and was rewarded at the top with a scenic view.

20161122_101448     20161122_103226   20161122_102634

We decided not to spent all our time on the trace, so we continued to Memphis and on towards Little Rock. Along the way we found a really good Mexican restaurant in the small town of Hohenwald, TN. Tonight we’re in Hazen, AR.

I’m definitely going to come back and do the rest of the Trace someday.

Writing Break


I was working on my next Trivia book and decided this day was just too glorious to spend inside. Middle of November in Indiana and it was 70 degrees!

So I drove over to another of Fort Wayne’s natural wonderlands. Lindenwood Nature Preserve is right inside the city limits, but like the Rivergreenway, you would never know it (well, except for the sounds of traffic.)


Throughout the area they have placed benches for resting and contemplation.


This lovely forest has several trails and a large pond.


Of course there are no flowers this time of year but sunlit leaves were just as pretty.


It is an educational center so there are spots set up for groups.


I spent a couple of hours roaming through the woods, hoping for some wildlife sightings. All I saw was a hawk in a tree when I was driving out the gate. Oh well.

Nature Walk


Even though I am staying put for a while, I still have the urge to get out into nature. Fortunately, Fort Wayne has a beautiful walking/biking trail system, The Rivergreenway.

The trails go right through the heart of the city. But just a few steps away from one of the many access points, it looks like you are miles from civilization

.20161107_144318              20161107_142931

Yesterday I went over to Johnny Appleseed Park. Just west of the campground you walk under the Parnell Street Bridge.


With three rivers flowing through the city, there are plenty of out-of-the-way spots to relax and enjoy Autumn in Indiana.

20161107_142434       20161107_142550

The trails are designed so that even the surrounding infrastructure becomes part of the scenery.


60 degrees in November!


It was a soul-satisfying day.


Placeholder ImageExcept for one road trip, I do not plan on traveling in November. Several reasons, the RV has not sold yet and I am counting on that money. If it doesn’t sell, I need to save some more. Also I have several obligations this month that would limit road time. And I have decided to stay in the Woodbridge apartment until the lease is up in February. At this point, buying out my lease wouldn’t save me anything.

I’ll probably be looking for a low income or senior housing unit. I know I’ve been talking about living on the road but hey, woman’s prerogative to change my mind! I guess somewhere to call my own is stronger than I thought. I do have an offer to live with my daughter, but after all this time alone, living with kids isn’t in my skillset. And it will only be a home base in between travels. I’m NOT giving up the dream. I gave myself 20 years for this lifestyle, so I think I have time to see the whole country. LOL

On another note, I went to vote early this afternoon at the library, but OMG there was a packed house. I didn’t want to wait in a 2 hour line, so I’ll try again tomorrow. Early!  I wonder if I went on election day I’d be the only one there.