Home Again

I’m back from the Brown County camping trip and pretty tired. Yesterday was fun though. My sister and brother came over from Cincinnati to visit. We ate lunch at the Lodge, which serves a very nice buffet. Then drove through the park. We were going to shop in Nashville but by then it was pouring rain so they went home and I decided to head back to Fort Wayne.

I did stay in a motel last night cause driving in a downpour is no fun.

Lessons learned:
I took way too much stuff. I will spend this weekend paring down my gear and clothing. I’m considering getting a popup tent so I won’t need so much bedding.
Hiking is hard for me. I think one hike week will be my limit for now.
Rethink food. One cooked entrée per day is enough. The rest of the day can be finger food and things I don’t have to heat up, fruit, veggies, sandwiches, cheese, etc. And I’m actually drinking less coffee! (I know, I know, you never thought you’d see the day…)

Next trip – maybe Maine?

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