Another Lake, Another Hike

20161019_095843   Ogle Lake

First thing this morning I needed to recharge the battery in the laptop. The electric box by my campsite was broken, so I had to go across the road and borrow theirs.


Then I decided to find the other lake in the park, Ogle Lake. The trail around it was marked moderate. With enough Aleve and Icy Hot lotion I figured I could do anything.Here are some impressions:


Mushroom Flower


Country Lane in the Middle of the Woods


Mother Nature’s Jigsaw Puzzle


Then it was lunchtime so back to the campsite for chili and crackers. Caught up on some TV via Hulu and my hot spot. A storm was brewing so I laid this old tired body down and took a nap.

Here’s my arsenal for hiking.


The next income I get is going for some hiking shoes. and maybe a walking stick.

Correction from yesterday. The name Abe Martin is the cartoon character created by Kin Hubbard. From Wikipedia:

For twenty-five years, from 1905-1930, “Abe Martin” was the mouthpiece for Kin Hubbard’s daily quips in The Indianapolis News, which, accompanied by sketches of Abe and his friends in action, were syndicated across the nation. Hubbard was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio, and settled in Indianapolis, starting the Abe Martin Character in 1904. At first Abe Martin belonged to no particular locality, but on February 3, 1905, he announced,”I’m goin’ ter move ter Brown County Tewmorrow,” and the next day he was depicted in a wagon piled high with household goods.

More on him here on the Brown County website.

It’s still raining soI’ll be working on the Food Trivia book tonight.

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