Wandering the Woods


Intrepid Explorer

Today was spent exploring the park. Such beauty! Lots of hills. Roads are steep but the van made it effortlessly. (Still need to name him)

And would you believe – I attempted and finished a trail designated rugged!


When I hiked down to Lake Stahl I knew getting back up would be a challenge. So I took it very slow and stopped a lot. Made the mile hike in two hours. Not bad for an old woman with leg muscle weakness, eh?

20161018_103709       20161018_130939        20161018_131259   20161018_132637

I then toured the park in the van, stopping at a few vistas. I never knew Indiana looked like the mountains.


Stopped in at the Lodge, named for Abe Martin. Apparently he was a cartoonist and radio personality in the 1920’s who made Brown County famous. Using the free Wi-Fi here to post this and check email.

Tomorrow is supposed to rain so I’ll work on the books.

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