Into the Woods

20161017_140627   Brown County State Park.

Scored a sweet little primitive site for 3 nights. This area is on top of a ridge with steep downgrades on either side. Looks like I’m the only one without a tent around here. But it’s cool and sunny and the wind sounds lovely

. 20161017_143337

If you’re wondering what kind of set up I have, here’s the living room/ kitchen:


And here’s the bedroom:


Supposed to rain the next two days so I’ll see what Nashville, Indiana has to offer. I drove though Nashville on the way here and was not very impressed. Cute little shops but TONS of people roaming the streets. Parking not close either, so I’ll have to see how my legs are feeling before I commit to walking. But there is one place I need to go into. A candy making shop featuring fudge. We’ll see how it stacks up to Mackinac Island fudge which is still my favorite tourist candy.

Wish I could walk the trails here, but the park is mostly on top of and down the sides of a  mountain. So not very easy to hike. BUT…they have horseback riding tours. To be decided whether I’ll splurge the $16 for one.

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