The Dream is On Hold

Traveling – that is the dream. Any way I can. If not by RV, then some other way. Certain events this week have conspired to force me to change my plans.

1. my vehicle is on its last wheels. I’ve been told I need a new engine. not surprising since the car is 14 years old. I just didn’t think it would die so soon.

2. My legs are in need of treatment. It’s been getting hard for me to walk. I thought it was just arthritis but the nerves in my legs are numb and I run out of breath easily. Hitching and unhitching the RV is difficult.

I don’t know what the outcome will be. Maybe park the RV in a all-year campground and travel by car. Maybe sell the RV and  stay with my daughter when I’m in town between travels. Maybe live in residential motels and airBnB apartments while traveling.

I need to figure this all out, so this blog may go dark for a while. I’ll keep in touch via FB and email.

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