Today was a good day. I woke up in time to see the sunrise.


Had my coffee  outside at the picnic table.

Took a walk up to the ranger station to add a day to my stay. I don’t want to drive today so I’ll just stay here and rest. There’s all kinds of interesting amenities at State parks. Like this exercise area.


Found a trail through woods – my favorite thing to do. Another perk of  the parks system is the way they try to ensure walkers are comfortable traipsing though the forest.


Made myself a nice lunch of chicken and pasta. And then went for another walk. I think hiking will not be a priority for me anytime soon. My legs began to feel pain after about 20 minutes. So home again to lay down.

Watched a movie on my portable DVD player since I do not have a TV. I do have a built in antenna so I may re-think this. I have a hot spot for Wi-Fi but video eats up data really fast so I try not to watch movies or even you tube on the internet. I now consider Red Box one of the greatest inventions of the decade.

I actually thought about writing a little, but not feeling particularly ambitious, I read a book instead. Outside in my camp chair. With the exterior lights on. And a cool breeze made it perfect.


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