Hectic Driving Day

Got on the road by 9:00a.m. Decided take State Road 6 which meanders along Lake Erie. The route goes through small lake towns right on the edge of the water. I stopped a couple of times and observed small town idiosyncrasies. A food mart that has a rule for using credit or debit: You must purchase at least $4.00 or else pay an extra fee. And a Subway that had a sign saying the restrooms were for paying customers only. Well I had to pee so I tried a breakfast sub. Not bad.

Getting closer to Cleveland, there was a distinct separation on either side of the road. The houses on the lake side were big, with long front lawns and circle drives. And on the other side they were small and nondescript. I did think it was funny that many on the lake side were up for sale.

I thought I would escape the city, but alas, Route 6 went right through downtown. I had no problem navigating the streets, although all the turns were tricky to catch. But then, just as it got more residential, the road was closed! So I had to go off into some neighborhoods, wandering around side streets, praying that I wouldn’t side swipe a car. Got through that and found State Road 20.

Then, my first disaster. I stopped to get gas and rammed a pump. Loosened the fender and knocked the steps off center. I now cannot get the steps down. Crap!!! I think I’ll buy a small 2-step up until I can decide where to go to get them fixed. Cross your fingers that that’s the only damage I ever do!

Back on the road, I stopped off at the rest stop to get my bearings. I had discovered this morning that the State Forest I wanted to go to did not allow RV’s, only campers. So I stopped here at Pymatuning State Park in Pennsylvania. Very nice.


After all that happened today, I am exhausted. So now I will watch a movie and get some rest.







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