Shake Down Trip Day 1

I’m sitting in East Harbor State Park just north of Sandusky, Ohio, after a full day of controlled chaos and exhaustive driving. This morning I learned how to hitch the trailer to the car. With the help of two wonderful ladies at Blue Lake Campground, we got it done in just under an hour and half.

The reason it took so long was that they didn’t know everything either. And we had to put the swing bars on, find the right fasteners, get a wrench, and jerry rig a way to secure the LP gas cover. But now I am set to go it alone.

I left out and headed east.  Stopped and had  lunch. Navigated 3 different road construction sites. Got off the highway to get gas. And I drove really carefully. Slow and steady. So even though it was only about 150 miles, it took me almost four hours. The first hour was a bit nerve-wracking, but then I settled in and started enjoying the drive.

Every time I stopped I debated on where I was going to end up. And finally decided on this campground. It’s actually on Lake Erie, but the park is so big that the campground is on the opposite side of it from the lake. So I can’t see it. However, the camp sits on the edge of Sandusky Bay so I did get some nice pictures.




Tomorrow I will try to stay along Lake Erie on my way to New York State. I’ve got my eye on a National Forest where I can boondock.

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