I’m Going on an Adventure!

That’s what Bilbo Baggins said as he started out on his journey in The Hobbit. And that’s exactly how I feel today.

I picked up my RV yesterday. It’s a 2016 Coleman Lantern, 25 feet, sleeps 4. I bought it at Camping World of Indianapolis last week. They did some prep work for me, i.e. hook up the electricity and water, fill the propane, etc. I also bought a hitch from them that they installed on my car. Great service. I received a complimentary 3 year membership to their club affiliate – the Good Sam Club. It gives me all kinds of discounts on campgrounds, gas, insurance, medical, and shopping at their stores plus interest groups I can join, rallys and an online site with forums and all kinds of information.

I’m going to camp at Blue Lake Campground just north of Churubusco for a week. So I can get settled in to living in an RV. It’s close to home (I still have a lot to do in closing up the apartment), and to a Coleman dealer if I run into any problems. I will be running back and forth from the apartment to the campground for a while. And then I will head northeast for a couple of short trips.

I need to come back in October to attend a wedding. And then, who knows?

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