The Feeling Kicks In

Well here it is the second Monday morning of my retirement. I can truthfully say that now it really feels like I will never work full time again. I must admit, being truthful and all, yesterday I was thinking about what I would be doing with my time from now on. And it wasn’t a good feeling, since I was binge watching an old interview show.

So this morning I am determined to start my second career. Today I write!

I believe I’ll start with finishing the second volume of my Trivia For Kids series. (Lots of seconds today, hmm) The one on food. Then I might work on the travel novel. Yes there is one, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, my computer is getting a bit wonky. The monitor goes into graphical spasms when it’s moved. The keyboard especially is not cooperating.  Not connecting on random letters, highlighting a whole sentence when I just want a word.  Maybe it’s the touch pad. Sigh. Must look into a new laptop soon.


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