First Day

I retired from my full time job on Friday, July 29, 2016. Here it is the Monday after and what am I doing? Watching movies and playing FB games. It feels like a vacation day. Since I have been trying to save money, most of my days off work were spent in this manner. So I guess next Monday will be the day I truly start to feel retired.

Oh I have a lot of plans. And lists. I’m a list person. Lists of what I will be doing and what I need and what I want. Spreadsheets of bills to pay and accounts to cancel. Many, many websites bookmarked of which RV to buy and how to live in an RV and places to go. Big plans.

But for now relaxing and do-nothing days are in order. I find myself suddenly remembering that I don’t work anymore. I can…literally…DO WHATEVER I WANT! So how does that make me feel?  A bit exhilarated. A little wary. Wait…Is that a slight cringe of “what the hell do I do now?”   Nope, it’s gone.

My daughter stopped by to pick up something I bought for the baby. She asked me what I would like to do since I’m free this afternoon. Usually my free time activities were doing necessary jobs – grocery, laundry, cleaning, etc. Because, full time work. Having an afternoon to hang out is a new experience. So….I responded with a phrase that all ladies of leisure use so well. Let’s go shopping!

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